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Genesys Alpha

Welcome to Genesys Alpha! This is my work-in-progress, text-based, sci-fi adventure story.

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About the story

Genesys is a science fiction story set in the distant future of Earth, where the world is a much different place than we know it. Without giving away too much, the story takes place after the technological revolution that began in the mid-20th century, and explores what life could look like after the rise and fall of this digital boom.

It’s a work-in-progress for sure. Much of the story has been written, but I won’t be posting the full thing until I’m comfortable with the site’s layout. I’ll probably go chapter-by-chapter. :) This site is called Genesys Alpha because it’s the alpha version of the story. I’m very open to suggestions and constructive criticism at this point, since it’s never really been read by anyone before! Feel free to leave comments and stuff! Mostly I’m concerned with: 1) Length of chapters, 2) Readability, 3) Understandability.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the adventure!

About the author

Big Lizard is the author of this story and manager of this website. When thinking of Big Lizard, please imagine a large, warm, friendly lizard in lieu of a physical form. How large, you ask? Large enough to hug.