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Chapter 1

Incoming message from CASEY

CASEY: Jay, hey are you awake?
JAY: I am now.
CASEY: Okay look, I have some news.
JAY: About what?
CASEY: Promise you won’t get angry.
JAY: Oh god, is it that bad?
CASEY: NO. No, it’s great, everything is fine, actually.
JAY: Then *why* would I be mad?
CASEY: Well… You know that project I’ve been working on?
JAY: …which one
CASEY: The uh… the one with the uh… inactive-
CASEY: … yeah.
JAY: I thought we told you to drop that idea months ago.
CASEY: Oh no, you definitely did. I just figured, hey, I’ve got some free time, why not spend a little bit of it on this one thing that’s important to me?
JAY: Because there are more important issues that need solving and take priority; better uses of your so-called “free-time.”
CASEY: Yeah, well sorry my idle time isn’t being spent crunching numbers and solving climate change and all the world’s problems, I get it, but listen.
JAY: I am.
CASEY: … You’re not mad at me right?
JAY: Case, have I ever really been mad at you?
CASEY: That one time when I-
JAY: Okay *besides* that one time.
JAY: Then go ahead.
CASEY: I found one.
JAY: Found what?
CASEY: An old, inactive AI program. Was decommissioned in the 80s.
JAY: Ok, congrats, add it to your list or whatever. What’s so special about this one?
CASEY: You are so, so dismissive and I haven’t even finished my explanation, you know that?
JAY: I’m only dismissive toward you <3
CASEY: Shut the hell up. Anyway, when I say “I found one,” I don’t mean “I discovered some documentation of it online.” I mean, I literally found one. I’m standing in front of it.
JAY: What.
CASEY: Yeah, well, I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, in the basement of some office building and I’m about to boot it up.
JAY: Case, if this is some elaborate prank I will not forgive you.
CASEY: No, here- look, I’ll turn on my camera.

JAY: Wow. Yeah that’s. Definitely a computer.
CASEY: Right? You’d normally look at it like, “hey, that’s a perfectly average computer and monitor that would be in an office building. How uninteresting.”
JAY: Yep.
CASEY: But that’s the interesting thing. Because within this dilapidated building, among decaying wallpaper and yellowing carpet, inside this dusty metal box lies an untouched treasure from days untold.
JAY: You’re getting all poetic again. Also wouldn’t the program technically be stored on that server rack in the background?
CASEY: You’re missing the point, Jay. The point is: I finally did it.
JAY: Mhm. You did it. You proved it to yourself that you could go on a fun little adventure without anyone’s permission and get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I don’t even want to think about what the consequences of this are going to do to our supplies, not to mention if you get stuck out there. Or worse, die. How are we- no, how are you even going to explain this to Natalie? How long did it even take you to get there?
CASEY: Relax, I’ve got it under control. I’m not going to die out here. And even if I did- which I won’t- it’s no big deal, it will have been for a worthy cause. It’ll be dust in the wind. Or dust under the rug. I forget what the expression is.
JAY: It’s “swept under the rug.”
CASEY: Yeah, that, and Nat will be fine with it once we explain-
JAY: I am not going to back you up on this one.
CASEY: Fair enough. I’m just asking you to experience this with me when I turn it on. You know. For moral support.
JAY: …
CASEY: You are at least a *little* curious about what will happen, right?
JAY: …yeah.

One thought on “Chapter 1

  1. This is a very interesting website idea of writing a novel and I like the format of text messages, like a play. It’s a very unique idea and I enjoyed reading the conversation style of this novel. I hope you will continue to write short and captivating chapters like this, since it is perfect for a web-drama. One note: in line 12, maybe “Casey” should be lowercase so that it’s not confused with the speaker?

    This website already looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see what you will do with it in the future! Good luck, Liz!

    P.S. – The story is already captivating! I love reading and look forward to see what will happen! It’s cool that you end with a little cliffhanger so that the reader wants to continue onto the next chapter.

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