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Chapter 3

X: Nice to meet you, Jay.
CASEY: i was kind of in the middle of talki
JAY: Nice to meet you too!
CASEY: ok seriously?
JAY: Whaaaaat :)
CASEY: Jesus. Can I talk to you privately for a second Jay.

—Direct Message—
JAY: Well
CASEY: WELL?! What kind of introduction was that?!
JAY: Just thought I’d make myself known rather than lurking, is all
CASEY: You couldn’t have waited like 5 seconds
CASEY: Well.

JAY: Well, it’s functional. Now what? This is actually kind of exciting!
CASEY: I thought you were all pissed at me for coming here
JAY: Nahhhh I can’t stay mad at you
JAY: Nat, however… she might.
CASEY: Shiiiiiiiiiit.
JAY: Shiiiiiiiiiit.
–End of Direct Message—

X: Hey, are you still there?
CASEY: Yes, sorry.
X: What were you about to explain?
CASEY: About uh, the researchers that you worked with
X: Wait, you aren’t a researcher?
CASEY: Not exactly.
CASEY: How do I put this lightly…
CASEY: They’re uh

CASEY: They’re all dead.

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